Ke’maria Jones

"Well, ETC has encouraged me to be an individual and a closer child to God. It has also helped me to accept myself better and know that I don't need anyone else to tell me I'm beautiful, because God thinks I am."

Jeremy Head

"Empowered to Conquer Youth Conferences has challenged me to be all that God has created and called me to be. While the world around me would label me various things, causing confusion within myself, ETC has been there as a guide to show me what God has said about me, and what He desires from me. This direction toward identity and purpose has deeply impacted me, and has proven to help shape the man that I have and will become."

Aliyah Roseman

"I learned that everybody have purpose in life. You should always praise God."

Alegna Smoot

"I had the privilege to be in the first ETC that began at Central High school. At that point in my life, I knew I needed a wake up call back to Christ and thought I had him. Unfortunately, a true life in Christ requires sacrifice through obedience and relationship with the most high this was the top thing ETC taught me. I will forever be grateful to God for ETC and the ETC crew they are my family!"