Loving Yourself

Who are you? Really. Who are you? When you think of you or look in the mirror what do you see? At the retreat we discussed how important our view of ourselves is and how it determines the way we love ourselves. Since the retreat, we hope you have a new view of YOU!

Sometimes, without even realizing it, we allow friends, family members, and even our own thoughts determine whether we are worthy of the love that Christ says we should have for ourselves. We allow statements like, “You will never be anything!”, “You’re so dumb”, or “You’re so fat/too skinny!”  to paint such a dark picture of ourselves that it hinders us from truly seeing the person God created. Although we must respect and love others, our view of ourselves should only be determined by what God says about us.

As a creation from God, you have so many valuable qualities. Regardless of what others may think or say, these qualities can only be affected by what YOU believe. Do you believe the negative about you is the only part of you that matters? We must believe only what God has spoken to us through His word. Take a second to look over the Identity card you were given. Look up and read aloud at least one scripture from the back of the card and try to memorize it. Doing this will help you think more about God’s positive view of you over the negative view you or others may have of you. Whenever you begin to feel down, remind yourself of who God says you are! You will only be able to love yourself as you realize and accept who God says you are. Once you accept this view of you, God can help you love you in spite of what others may think or say! You are who God says you are! Love who YOU are!

Comment below on how you are growing to love yourself! We are praying for you!

 P.S. If you have misplaced your card here is a copy: