Limitless 2016

#Limitless2016!! Once its over what will you do! 

 Did you just have a good time or did you get something from it? And if you learned something or made a commitment to be closer to Christ in some way, are you going to follow through or simply let another year of distance develop between you and Christ?

We learned the importance of loving God, loving yourself, loving others and even made commitments regarding our purity. I want to encourage you take one step. Using whatever you learned from #Limitless2016, take one step towards being better in that area. You have followed through with one action step by reading this blog. Now keeping going! Don’t allow friends, social media, or even your own thoughts to limit you in growing in your relationship with Christ and living a life of love as one of His disciples.

So, take one more step. Here are some ideas:

1.       Read your Limitless identity card and begin loving yourself the way God loves you—unconditionally.

2.       Save a shoe box and send a child a gift through Operation Christmas Child

3.       Read your Bible today

4.       Pray and tell God how much you love Him and how open you are to being more like Him.

We at ETC are here for you! If you ever need help don’t hesitate to reach out to us through social media (@empowered2c) or email (

We love you and we believe in you!

Comment below on how you plan to take one step for Christ.