We exist to instill faith, promote education, and build relationships among students

       Why? Because we believe that a relationship with Christ empowers you to live the life you were meant to live


About ETC

ETC is a non-profit , 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to empowering towards purpose!  Led by a dedicated board of directors, our volunteer leadership team serves students to instill the following principles:

  • Faith: We value our faith in Jesus and work to instill this value in every student we serve
  • Education: We value education and the importance it has in assisting the students of ETC in fulfilling their destinies
  • Relationships: We value relationships and endeavor to cultivate relationships amongst like-minded students

Since June of 2009, Empowered to Conquer (ETC) has been committed to the cause of equipping youth towards living an empowered life through Jesus Christ.  Brittany Hogan serves as the Executive Director and leads a select group of individuals in the planning and implementation of attractive, inspiring events created to elevate the mindsets of today’s youth. This budding corporation functions as a platform of positive change in a society latent with youth who are underestimated and conditioned for mediocrity. ETC acts as a breeding ground for passionate youth destined to excel in all walks of life-- financially, academically, and socially. Impacted lives are sure to result as this corporation sets its sights high in pursuit of youth in need.